Gui G.

Weird rabbit-holes the internet sent me down that make my wife question her life choices:

before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

Code quality metrics: I just bought a printer to map out and try to untangle the spaghetti I am dealing with.

Brief update on reaching out to people: it’s going great. Turns out the internet can be used to bring people together; it was me who’d been resisting it.

Why, though

For the last nine years, I have advocated fiercely among family and friends 1 about internet privacy and the need to disappear. I am now starting to see the downside: losing contact with people I love, having fewer memories of special moments. I am starting to ask myself, is this really the hill I want to die on?

This page is the first step towards redeeming myself. The second step is a couple dozen apologies over text. Meta’s privacy policy is not a good reason to stop texting my family and friends.

  1. …and strangers on the internet, naturally ↩︎

Just setting up my mcrblg…